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Everyone knows what a mobile app is, but what’s a web app? A web application is, in effect, an advanced website. It’s a piece of software or tool that users access via the internet or a company intranet/extranet using only a web browser. Web applications provide further functionality than a website as they generally allow users to interact by making live changes or manipulating information stored directly in an enterprise level database. The ability to update and maintain web applications without disturbing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers is a key reason for the popularity of web apps.

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In the 15 years we have been producing design led applications and services I have worked with very few companies with the friendliness, flexibility, knowledge and ‘can do’ attitiude that Stuart and Andy showed on this project. They fitted perfectly into the team we already had and were able to solve all of the technical challenges we threw at them.

Toby Merchant CEO, 3 Screen Design

Zero installation timeAll you need to access a web app is a browser and every computer has a browser. Simply type in the URL and you’re off…

ReachAnybody anywhere in the world can access a web app without having to go through an installation procedure.

AvailabilityA web app allows easy and consistent access to customers and employees 24/7

Increased EfficiencyYou can allow your customers to update a web app because its accessible through their browser rather than wasting time over the phone

Always Up-to-dateUsers always get the most up-to-date version

SecurityData is held centrally meaning security can be controlled